Liquid Designers is a full-service interactive agency with a focus on emerging open source technologies. Located in Buenos Aires, we employ U.S. citizens in order to eliminate any communication barriers with our U.S.-based clients. We not only provide a full range of services, but can do so in-house without the use of freelancers, thereby providing clients with reliability and peace of mind. Our full range of services encompasses design, development, and marketing, along with strategic input from experienced U.S. entrepreneurs and consultants. All project management is conducted by in-house native English speakers.
Web Development
We combine an experienced team with young, bright programmers to offer robust web and mobile systems. Led by Jeff Milton, who created the open source strategy that PA Consulting used for large clients such as British Airways, we specialize in LAMP open source technologies. When building a system, we look to make sure that it
  • Has a sizeable open source community
  • Uses technology which forces development in an organized manner
  • Allows for clients to build upon the technology, without being dependent on our developers
We choose open source technologies that fit with the client's needs as well as our own competencies, whether it be Symfony, WordPress, or a proprietary system, based on the scope of the project. We are also strong in Flash and ActionScript, as well as PHP, ASP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, JAVA, SQL, MYSQL, LINUX, and APACHE, among others.
Mobile Development
Our mobile expertise combines efficient development with strategic and architectural experience.

Blending Android's mobile phone and tablet with Symfony's PHP open source system allows Liquid Designers to leverage its current customers' web implementations, adding functionality to talk to back-end databases in ways that browsers can't. We believe that Android applications will take web-based interactive graphical applications to a new level. Given that our Android development is led by one of the pioneers of Java, we are confident that we can harness this technology to its maximum potential for our clients.

Using Apple's proprietary-yet-elegant system, we have also developed a strong capability in iPhone development and Objective-C. Being able to build on two popular mobile platforms allows us to help clients make a comprehensive mobile strategy which looks at development from both a technical and a marketing perspective.