About This Site

To give you an example of how complicated the branding and technology of a simple-looking site can be, I want to explain what we put into making our site.

In creating the liquiddesigners.com site, we aimed for a distinct design which could showcase our technical know-how and creative side. We wanted the site to be intuitive and to get important information to all visitors, even those with the shortest attention spans.

Key Message

Having little text on the page focuses users’ attention on our message: "We are a design & marketing firm located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, specifically created by Americans to provide services in the United States."


You’ll notice the site has no Spanish translation, though many of our applicants and employees are native Spanish speakers, and we are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We did this to differentiate ourselves from other companies that primarily go for local clients. We currently work almost exclusively with American clients and therefore have developed an expertise in understanding and satisfying U.S. clients. In fact, though we live here we are more comfortable in working with US clients than Argentine clients.

The clocks are placed in the upper right so that people can get a visual reminder of how close Buenos Aires is to them time-wise: just one or two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, depending on the time of year.

Social Networking

We have included links for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, not only to help people keep tabs on us, but also to let you know that we are Web 2.0 hipsters. : )


The tabs have been given prominence and each explains an important message.

About Us
We decided to keep this section brief, succinctly explaining what is special about our team.
Ever heard of Amerisourcing? No?! Well, that’s probably because we made the word up. :) Having Americans working in a developing country creates a very strong advantage over the competition. This section summarizes our competitive advantage.
Service & Portfolio
This section states our two main modes of work, hourly and fixed. The portfolio is then shown in an attractive yet simple and explanatory manner. Our portfolio is strong and we wanted to make sure it was able to speak for itself.
Explore Buenos Aires
We put a video on this page because in selling our services, we are also selling Buenos Aires and its sophisticated culture. Most Americans have no idea what this city is like, but when they see it, they realize why we moved down here, and why Argentineans and Americans have a lot in common.
We really need to thank our clients for taking the time to create testimonials for us. We realize that the Web can be a very mysterious place. We think these testimonials and the accompanying references we can offer helps build a trust that is so important for any business relationship.
And, of course, the contact page is the most important page of all! We listed several phone numbers along with having our main phone number in the footer of the page.


Though at first glance this site seems like it was created in Flash, only the music, clocks and videos have been done in Flash. We made an effort to create the site using cutting edge technology. The sliding navigational bars are created with Javascript using jquery, while Ajax loads content in one large CSS/HTML page. Making these technologies interact smoothly in various browsers and resolutions was a significant challenge.

Regardless of what bar the user clicks on, the user still stays on the front page. This is novel... But being novel, it can be unfamiliar and confusing. So we also highlighted a vertical stripe on the left side to bring cohesion to the design and help users to remember where they are.


Being a design firm, we felt it important to add a special aesthetic touch to the site. Clicking on the blue drop in the lower left will change the CSS configuration of the site to display different color combinations chosen by our designers.


You’ll notice on the bottom of the page there are several hyperlinked keywords in gray. We prefer that you don’t find these keywords... But we also prefer that Google does. The one-page setup of the site isn’t the best for search engine optimization. We compensated for this by having some filler pages with Google-ready content. Though it’s not our first priority to get our clients from random searches we figured it couldn’t hurt. We took the time to research and write content around keywords that our analysis has determined will bring us viewers.

CMS System

Lastly, we have created a simple, clean, and intuitive custom-made content management system. We can’t let you into our password-protected system, but we can show you screenshots here. It might not be the most complex system in the world, but we believe there is beauty in simplicity. Please explore the site to learn more about us, our work, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.