Amerisourcing [uh-mer-i-sawr-sing ] -noun

1. The procuring of services by Americans living in emerging countries thereby achieving the cost savings of foreign outsourcing while retaining the familiar cultural, time and language advantages found in the United States.

Example usage: By Amerisourcing to Liquid Designers in Buenos Aires, we got the same quality of a New York firm at a better value. I love Liquid Designers!

Liquid Designers is a company built around a team of North Americans living in Buenos Aires, Argentina . Buenos Aires embraces the artistic flair and culture of its European roots while leaving behind Europe’s high cost of living. Our staff agrees that Buenos Aires is a great place to live.

Clients take pleasure in the seeing the creativity and culture of Buenos Aires reflected in our work. Because our qualified professionals are paid local competitive rates, clients receive their work at a value unattainable in the U.S.

By Amerisourcing with Liquid Designers, clients avoid the cultural differences and communication problems that often arise when working with foreign companies. Amerisourcing makes communication seamless . Our in-house, US-born and raised project managers excel in client interaction. They use Vonage, Skype, Webcam conferences, Google Documents and remote desk top software to make sure communication is easy and convenient. Our forwarding US numbers insure that the communication stays open even amidst internet connectivity problems.

We work through a U.S. bank account , PayPal and we are wire transfer ready. We are only two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and can be reached Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST at our U.S. or European phone numbers .

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us now so we can chat about your project and needs.